How Drone Video Footage Gives Your Luxury Business a Unique View

Giving your customers a bird’s eye view of your business is now attainable — with professional drone video footage as part of your overall marketing strategy!

In the last few years, many of us have come to appreciate the drone video footage we’ve seen in film and advertising — many times for real estate professionals to show off a home or property’s best attributes.

Now, drone video footage is being used for many different kinds of businesses — including luxury brands with a wide range of offerings — from boutique hotels, upscale eateries, custom home builders and more. Whatever luxury business you offer in Greenville, drone video is for you!

As the owner of a luxury business, you know that your customers aren’t just buying a premium product or service… they’re buying into an elevated lifestyle and aesthetic. To capture the bespoke style of your luxury brand, drone videography offers unique and opulent angles that add interest to your location, community and more.

How does drone videography bring the drama? Let’s talk about it:

Showcases your business. Drones allow you to showcase your business from sweeping perspectives that simply aren’t possible through traditional ground-based videography. You can film epic wide shots of buildings, golf courses and landscapes. With a drone video added to your marketing mix, you add a serious extra oomph to the usual visuals that captures attention and inspires the imagination.

Adds alluring drama. Beyond the sheer grandeur of the views, drone footage adds potent drama to your video marketing with dynamic camera movements. Gliding over a shot of your building and surrounding areas create visuals that stop the scroll and make people take notice. The fluidity and creativity possible with drone filming produces footage that simply looks and feels luxurious, and provides close up details not possible with traditional video.

Creates a lofty experience. Drone video marketing elevates your brand’s entire aesthetic and creates an air of exclusivity. The beauty and production value of the footage itself becomes a selling point and immediately conveys a feeling of an upscale lifestyle. The relative newness of drone videography is an opportunity for you to set your Greenville luxury business apart from your competitors.

Luckily for you, the team at Anvil have expert drone videographers with a passion for making luxury businesses shine using this unique medium. And, it’s just one of the many ways our superhero team of creatives can help design and strategize a digital marketing campaign that’s as luxurious as your business. Schedule a free consultation with us today.


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