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Why Professional Photography and Video Production is a Must for Bespoke Luxury Brands

For luxury brands and businesses, there’s a word that comes to mind that sets them apart: aesthetic.


Whether you specialize in luxury interiors, clothing, boutique beauty brands or custom experiences such as travel or real estate…


When it comes to creating beauty and your brand’s aesthetic, the content you offer your clients has to be rich in visuals while telling a compelling story.


And nothing does that better than professional photography and video production.


Customers are especially hungry for video marketing. According to a 2022 Hubspot article, video consumption has soared 215% during the pandemic, and is only climbing higher.


To make your photography and video marketing effective, you need to partner with an agency who speaks your luxury brand’s language. You need your clients and customers to experience your product or service in a way they can’t with mere words… but can with artfully created visuals that ignite the desire to buy.


Some words to describe effective video and photography?



It’s almost better than being there.

Forging Something Beautiful

Here’s a timely holiday example of how we craft a full-on, immersive experience with video… marrying the flow of a visual story, music, and the cadence of sound, all brought together with seamless editing:

You can hear the whoosh of the blacksmith’s torch. The clang of his hammer. And the low whisper of his polishing wheel as he forges a beautiful star from raw iron. You take in the holiday magic of the now-finished star as it crowns the Christmas tree in all its hand-hewn glory.


Whether it’s a more artful presentation like the example above, or explainer-type videos like this one which uses drone footage and features a more personal delivery…


We’ve got the talent and passion to create the videos and photographs that turn your marketing into an irresistible work of art — that’s on trend and on brand.

Dillard-Jones Site Walk Video at Palmetto Bluff in Bluffton, SC

At Anvil, we already understand the caliber of clientele you serve, because we specialize in elevated customer experiences designed to attract, enthrall, and convert motivated prospects into enthusiastic buyers.


We aren’t just a Greenville digital marketing agency that offers video and photography marketing services to businesses in this growing metropolis… we are a luxury full service marketing agency that can do it all for you, including websites, SEO, content marketing, graphic design, photography, video and more.


Because you aren’t just another business looking for leads. Your business is an experience unto itself, crafted for exclusive clientele. And your marketing needs to reflect that — online and offline.


Would you like to see more examples of the kinds of photography and video we can do for you? Send us a quick message using this link here and we can send you a gallery to swoon over.

Old Town Bluffton Inn “About Us” Video


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