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Why Luxury Businesses Need a Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

There’s no cutting corners if you’re a Greenville luxury brand with upscale clientele.


Everything about your business must exude exclusivity, bespoke details, and prestige. There isn’t room for cheaper substitutes if you want to remain trusted and authentic.


And as uncompromising you are for your own business’ products and services…


You must approach your marketing with the same focus. 


Implementing a comprehensive marketing strategy for your business is crucial to attract, nurture and keep loyal and repeat customers. 


So, what defines a comprehensive marketing strategy?


Hubspot has a recent article laying it out here.


But here’s a condensed version that explains it a little more succinctly.


Bottom line, it’s not as complicated as it might sound.


Here are the main aspects you will need to address, to make sure your brand stays consistent, on point, and relevant to your target market.


Sophisticated logo, website and graphic design. There are many tools to “DIY” your brand’s visuals like Canva, GoDaddy or Fiverr to turn to when creating these marketing assets by yourself or using a (usually unvetted, fly by night contractor). But doing so means time and potentially money wasted if you don’t get what you envision on the first try. 


Social media marketing. This is one area where many luxury brands attempt to either wing it themselves or delegate to an administrative assistant, intern or sales person. The truth is, it takes an expert in social media to craft engaging content and effective campaigns. And, there’s that pesky issue of “who has the time?”


Email and content marketing. Even if you’re a talented writer, as a business owner you can’t wear “all the hats” and that includes copywriter. You will need someone who understands and can write in your company’s brand voice, for “clickable” emails and blogging efforts that help your searchability online.


SEO and Google ads: A big piece of your marketing pie includes finding customers with a strong SEO and Google ads strategy. However, these areas require implementation and execution by a skilled professional who understands the rules, nuances and algorithms that make for a successful campaign. 


A much better approach to a comprehensive marketing strategy is to outsource all these areas to the experts at an agency like Anvil Marketing Co. You can trust them to establish baselines and key performance indicators (KPIs) that will tell you if something is working — or not. True, you will invest your resources to make your brand and marketing truly shine, but by doing so you save countless hours of time, frustration and money… not to mention pushing the “do-over” button. 


As a busy business owner, you don’t have time for anything but maximum leverage and efficiency.


Your brand’s impression and message mean everything to your new and existing customers. Why not partner with professionals with the proven skills you need, and whose aim is to make your business stand out in the best ways possible?


Contact the Anvil team today for your free marketing assessment.


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