Scaling Your Luxury Business Alongside Greenville’s Explosive Growth

The secret is out… Greenville is one of America’s best small cities to call home. Of course we Greenvillers already know this, but it seems the rest of the country has caught on, too!


Our scenic beauty nestled at the skirts of the Great Smoky Mountains, family-friendly community, and dynamic downtown scene have attracted people from coast to coast. In fact, Macrotrends confirms that in just the last 3 years, Greenville has gained 30,000 residents!


Explosive growth also brings with it opportunities for small luxury businesses as well. Personal, custom products and services offered to new, elite Greenville residents can put you on the map — but only if new and existing folks know who you are. And the only way to ensure your reputation speaks for itself is to engage an agency like Anvil that speaks your brand’s language.


With the average new home price hovering around $300K according to real estate website, new arrivals to Greenville are upper middle class with a sizable chunk of discretionary income to spend. And that means ripe opportunities for you as a community-minded luxury brand.

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So how do you carve out your piece of this growing pie? With a unique digital marketing agency in Greenville worthy of your elevated small business. One that can ensure consistency across all your platforms, imagery, messaging and mediums (both online and offline). Using email, social media, video and custom advertising, Anvil can design a marketing strategy that will attract, engage and convert existing and new residents to loyal customers.


The team at Anvil live and breathe everything in Greenville — from its “Mayberry” roots, to its baseball history, quaint neighborhoods and bustling downtown. We understand the people and the market so well, we have an uncanny ability to know what will be a hit or a miss for our clients before we even try it.


So whether your business specializes in the areas of beauty, luxury goods, fine dining or hospitality, we’re a Greenville marketing agency that can help you find your ideal customers with ease. Why struggle by cobbling together a disjointed marketing strategy when we can seamlessly design one that looks, feels and sounds like you?


Are you ready to grow like Greenville? Contact us today for a discovery meeting and learn how we can save you time, money and unnecessary do-overs. 


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